Fear Machine Studio is born from the experience of  “M” Studio (a rehersal room active from 1996 until 2002), in which Jian used to play drums in Cerberus (extreme metal trio), and eventually, to study as apprentice in sound management.

This studio was used first as Jian personal headquarter for independent music production, along as a place to study, learn and develop one's skills and knowledges, both for instrumental playing and for professional audio mixing, in which “Research & Experimentation” could help musicians to develop their own styles, compose their songs and record them, succeeding to plan the entire process, by choosing the right directions in order to quickly obtain the so-called “trademark sound”, that is the match between them and the sound engineer, and, as a result, to allow an easy identification of the artists' material among the nowadays reality of music industry.

Fear Machine Studio is now am advanced project studio, conceived to cover all music production issues: Recording, Editing, Mixing, Post Production and ITB Mastering.

Official Releases:

  • 2002 La Kassa, demotape
  • 2002 Cerberus “Unleash The Hellish Watch Dog”, cd
  • 2003 Stygis Delirium “Stygis”, mini cd
  • 2004 Outworld “No Dimension”, cd
  • 2006 Outworld “Child Of Another World, cd
  • 2008 Outworld  “96khz Twilight raid”, compilation
  • 2009 Outworld “Inverse Polarity Soul”, cd
  • 2009 HellRider “For Now You Are To Fly Away”, single
  • 2010 Positron Emission Technology “Trance Core Technology vol 1”, 2cd
  • 2010 Jian Outworld “Inglorius Bastards”,  single
  • 2010 Marcovox “Forever Young” remix, mastering
  • 2011 Jian Outworld vs Marcovox “The Wish”, single
  • 2011 Nereid “Blood Ridden Love”, cd
  • 2012 Marcovox “Everytime I See you”, mastering
  • 2012 Wolvie Outworld  "Bogatyr's Wake",  single for RMA Systema Italy instructional DVD  
  • 2012 Wolvie Outworld  "Feel The Breath", single for RMA Systema Italy instructional DVD
  • 2012 Outworld preview “Out Of Body Experience”, single for videoclip
  • 2012 Outworld  “Hidden Evolution Path”, cd
  • 2012 Outworld,  Xp8 “The Wound That Won't Heal”, remix   
  • 2013 Jian Outworld, Paola TNT  "Taurus & Gemini (Original Mix)", single
  • 2013 Jian Outworld, Paola TNT  "Taurus & Gemini (Radio Edit)   Single
  • 2013 Jian Outworld, Paola TNT  “Inside the Pit”, single
  • 2013 Claudio De Nuzzo - Brivido Dentro (Gianni Celeste cover), single
  • 2013 Jian Outworld, Paola TNT  “Uluru”, single

Bio Jian

Sound engineer, producer, arranger/remixer, reviewer


I started with drum kit at 16, mostly playing in cover bands (sometimes as a singer), but my very first band was Cerberus (extreme metal, 1998-2002), in which I started to compose my own drumtracks by a deeper study of my instrument and composition schemes, thanks to Wolvie Outworld's experience as keyboard/bass guitar player and singer in various hard rock, metal and electro bands, who induced me to a better kind of “critical” songwriting. As a result, I succeed to produce my first self made demotape, Cerberus' “Unleash The Hellish Watchdog”.

A the same time, I started my experience as roadie/assistant engineer at “M” Studio, where, working with all the other bands which were used to rehearse there, I learned the very technical foundations of the whole sound production flow process, both in studio and in live environment.

But I officially started my studies in sound engineering in 2004, a few months before “No Dimension” release. This was Outworld first EP, which I produced by using a D.A.W. with Protools LE, along with analogic equipment like synthesizers and a drum machine. I was really fascinated by potentials of digital recording control and editing, which at that time was still a really difficult field of work, way before the contemporary development of digital technologies.

During the years, I have had the possibility to study principles, methods and approaches of very different styles of production and very different styles of music, which led me to a deep analisys of techinques and productions features used both in 80ies european old school (german, english and scandinavian) and in american school (particularly in rock and pop music).

Moreover, I had the luck to study with some of the best renowned teachers in Italy:

  • Giancarlo Lanza (Ableton Live, Electronic Music Production, Bologna)
  • Massimo Varini (Nek guitarist, Guitar production, Reggio Emilia)
  • Silvio Relandini (Virtual Instrumentation,  I.I.T.M.,  Roma)
  • Enrico Cosimi (Synthesizer, I.I.T.M.,  Roma)
  • Fabio Cerretti (Sonorizzazione Cinematografica, Apulia film Commission, Bari)
  • Lorenzo Pozzi (Teetoleevio, Mix S.E Level A/B, Milano)
  • Claudio Giussani (Mastering, 4cmp/Nautilus mastering,  Milano)
  • Vinci Acunto (Mastering, “Nut” Academy, Napoli)

After this path of study and work, by means of updated equipment, I have succeded to develop a personal yet flexible workflow, which allowed me to be very straight toward mixing targets; this turns out to be:


  1. Optimization and reduction of time amount of work;
  2. Single-global management of the tracks, in order to obtain s soon as possible a professional, thick and strong sound definition, i. e. “the loud sound”;
  3. Advanced management of instruments' frequencies editing and shaping, both in mono and stereo environment;
  4. Customization of the musician's features, its emotions and “soul”, which comes after a precise instrumental execution, in order to let the essence of one's music clearly and cleanly go out.